We are very proud to announce the launch of our Whiskey company based at Lakeview Estate

- Wayward Irish Spirits -

This has been a long planned reconnection with the O'Connell family's historic business of importing spirits into County Kerry (not always totally legally, it must be admitted!)

We are working towards being Ireland's most beautifully situated Single Estate Grain to Glass Distillery with a premium visitor experience. In 2018 we harvested our first crop of Estate Barley and had it malted and distilled into Pot Still spirit. This returned to our bonded Storehouse in the old farm buildings in March 2019 for its long maturation before it can be called Whiskey.

Alongside this, we've restarted the tradition of Whiskey Bonding. Before the days of big brands, local merchants would buy spirit from their local distillery and mature it in their own casks, to provide unique Whiskeys for their customers.

We've sourced some of Ireland's best Malt and Grain Whiskeys which we are finishing in casks previously used for Tawny and Ruby Port. (Finishing is the art and science of refining and improving a Whiskey by selecting different casks for a limited period to give it a different flavour profile). We're finding that the special microclimate of the Estate, with the influence of the Gulf Stream, lakes and mountains, has a fantastic effect on the important interplay between the Whiskey and the wooden casks.

Our first Whiskey, a Malt Whiskey Finished in Tawny Port Casks, was launched on 29th February as 'The Liberator Irish Whiskey' in honour of our kinsman, Daniel O'Connell, the towering figure in Ireland's 19th century history.

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A: Fossa, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland
M: +44 7956 317030